SPA Moment #1 – Senior is NOT 7

One of my first endeavors (other than the website) will be trying to contact (and working with) veterinary practice software companies to update their patient data collection information. For all patients, a life stage field for ‘juvenile – mature (or adult) – senior – geriatric should be added. For cats, the AAFP had made this simple – 10 or 11 is senior. For dogs, a simple computation using biological age and weight to determine their ‘relative age’ and can provide the correct life stage designation. That way clinics can accurately identify their senior patient demographics and educate those clients as a group for needed senior care.  #seniorpetadvocates #relativeage #seniorisNOT7 #lifestage,Senior%3A%2010%20years%20and%20older.%20End-of-life%3A%20Any%20age.

Published by Heidi Lobprise

I am a Christian veterinary dentist with a passion for senior pet care.

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